Magstim Rapid

Rapid stimulators combine stimulation frequencies from 1Hz to 100Hz, with a 0,1Hz frequency resolution and are complete with an integrated two channel EMG amplifier with integral system acquisition software include latency & amplitude cursors

he dedicated touch screen user interface with internal & external memory makes storage & retrieval of results effortless whilst the incorporated thermal printer enables printing when required. The Rapid can be used with MRI, fMRI, EMG, EEG and TMS navigation over a broad range of protocols & is fully compatible with existing Magstim coils through customised hardware


Magstim Bistim

Magstim Bistim offers the potential to combine two Magstim 200 units to provide fully programmable paired pulse stimulation through a single stimulating coil. The ability to change pulse intervals and to control independently the power level of each Magstim 200 allows for precise sub- and supra- threshold conditioning and test pulses.
Two inter-pulse spacing options offer maximum controllability:
1ms – 999ms in 1ms increments
1.0ms – 99.9ms in 0.1ms increments

Bistim has the added advantage of being able to summate the two single pulse provided by the Magstim stimulators to produce a single high power pulse equal to 113% of a single Magstim 200

Magstim 200

The Magstim 200 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS) provides users with the ability to elicit cortical evoked potentials, quickly and easy, as a routine component of clinical and research assessments, including:
Triple stimulation Technique, Active Motor Threshold, Motor Evoked Potential, Cortical silent period, Resting motor Threshold, Central Conduction time, Input-Output Curve

The Magstim 200 system is very flexible and can be interfaced with aa wide variety of commercially available EMG systems. Efficient and effective monophasic accuracy, low noise and less coil heating than other pulse waveforms