EMU 40
40Channel with 4 DC IN EEG with bluetooth wireless technology.

Wireless or Wire by USB2.0 / TCPIP.
Can be used for:  – Clinical EEG

  • Long Term EEG Monitoring
  • Extended EEG Monitoring
  • Sleep Studies

Excellent Masimo SPO2 sensor.
Patient event switch.
256 MB Internal flash memory.


128 Channels Long Term Monitoring EEG

Functional with Mapping of the Brain.
Able to record EEG data during Stimulation.
Patient event switch.

Optional with Video.

Sleep System
Inspirex Sleep Study

Fast and easy to use.
Polysomnography studies.
Complete range of fixed, Portable, and Ambulatory
Can be used for full EEG recordings.

Review and monitor studies from a remote location by Citrix.
Synchronized digital video.

Clinical Digital EEG

High Sampling Rate 500Hz.
Online Split Display.
Online Impedance Monitoring.
Customized Report.
Ease of use.

Instrument designed with rugged.
Upgrade to EEG Video.





Intra Operative Monitoring IOM



Interaoperative Monitoring

New technology by Protektor.
Separate Stim and Acquisition box.
Remote monitoring.
Saving audio and video capability.
Cautery Alarm.

Cleanest signal by using Pods and easy to patient setup.
Software and Hardware advanced.

New Lemo Conection.
Available for Portable system.

Cortical Stimulator

• Delivers bi-phasic, constant current trains of stimulation pulses
• Stand alone unit or seamlessly integrates with NicOne EEG application software
• Stimulates “user selectable” electrode pairs or bipolar probe
• Two Stimulus Switching Units may be used to electronically select 128 electrodes,
64 electrode pairs
• Convenient small size facilitates handheld use
• Train durations can be terminated by “Stop” button
• Countdown of remaining stim time
• User configurable pulse frequency, pulse duration and current level
• Single Stimulus Pulse and Continuous mode available
• Active Stimulation indicator light
• Actual current delivered displayed
• Trigger Out permits synchronizing external equipment
• Check Stim feature measures and verifies current delivery
• Channel Mark feature allows confirmation of stimulated electrodes directly on
the EEG Acquisition Waveforms
• Ictal Disrupt generates single pulse at previous parameters allowing management
of after discharges and seizure propagation
• Graphical user interface provides unprecedented ease of use
• Automated Report provides visual documentation and audit of stimulations and
• Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
and Portugese (Nicolet EEG software) English, French, Italian, German, Spanish,
(Control Unit LCD)
• Patient safety assured by continuous error detection monitoring
• Patent pending