LABOTRON Laboratory Equipment

 Laboratory Equipment


Microplate Washer Model LB-3200

  • Washing of flat or V-bottom plates and strips
  • Large memory can store 48 user programmed wash protocols
  • Large LCD display
  • Win CE compatible operatig system
  • Automatic monitoring of vacuum & pressure
  • Automatic rinse cycle
  • Low residual volume
  • 12-way manifold included and 8-way optional
  • Liguid warning ability
  • Availablility of emergency stop

Microplate Reader Model LB-6200

  • Touch-screen or external mouse
  • Reading result in 5 seconds only
  • Clear & large LCD monitor
  • 4 Wavelengths using Bichromatic Opric System
  • 8-channel optical fibre system
  • Win CE compatible operating system
  • 500 results can be stored in this unit
  • Multi-forms in result output for patient comprehensive report
  • Performing 12 different tests just in one plate
  • Shaking plate feature
  • Supported for long distance maintenance & software upgrade (optional) by built-in modem

Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer Model LB-9500

  • LCD display with convenience keypad
  • Build-in printer
  • 330-800nm wavelength, 5 standard filters, 3 more filters optional
  • Memory for 47 programs & 2000 test result
  • Reagent-open system supports flowcell & cuvette mode, close system on request
  • Analytical modes include kinetic, 2 point, bichromatic end point with or without reagent blank or sample blank, linear or non-linear calibration curves
  • 2 controls per test, excellent QC function
  • Compact design enables USER-DIY maintenance
  • English or other languages software are available on request

Auto Chemistry Analyzer Model LB-C1700

  • Fully automated, descrete, random acces
  • Up to 150 test per hour
  • 40 position for samples and reagent respectively, 24 hours non-stop cooling system.
  • Airtight Static Matrix Optical System (ASMOS), rear spectrophometry and maintenance free, realizing syncrhronous double wavelenght testing
  • Highly polished sample probe, with liquid level detection, probe depth adjustment automatically and collisin protection
  • Alkaline solution washing to prevent to prevent carry over
  • Independent mixer ,rinsed by vortical style
  • 81 special ultraviolet transmitting plastic cuvettes and optional quartz glass cuvette